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Tips on Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

Posted by on Nov 1, 2016

Tips on Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

It isn’t easy to find a driving instructor, especially when no one can recommend you one. But if you have a guide that will help you choose the right one. Below are tips from

The basics of it all are that the instructor must be registered to DVA or the Driver & Vehicle Agency. The only ones that can charge you money in teaching you how to ride or drive the car those with the certifications of ADI or Approved Driving Instructors. There is also another one, the AMI or Approved Motorcycle Instructors. This is for when you prefer to ride a motorcycle.

How to confirm AMI or ADI registered professionals?
They must carry with them their license at all times. For the ADI and the PDI, also known as Potential Driving Instructors, their license can be displayed at their car’s windscreen. The PDIs are the ones who are issued with the license of a trainee but accompanied with the ADI.

The qualifying process

This pertains to the qualifying process of acquiring the AMI or ADI. DVA is the one overseeing the maintaining of its regulations for driving. They are also responsible for checking out the standards of every AMIs and ADIs.

Teenage Driver Learning to Drive with Parent or Driving Instructor

Qualifying for the AMI and ADI has a multi-step process. This includes the following:

  • Passed the strict driving exam
  • Holds full driving license for a minimum of 4 years
  • Passed a more advanced theory test higher than the learning drivers take
  • Possesses good character
  • Pass teaching ability test
  • Keep up and reach the highest standard of instructing driving students

Don’t be afraid to ask for the instructor’s records as it will help give you an idea as to the kind of instruction they provide to their students.

Be careful with driving instructors that do not possess either an AMI or ADI license. If you happen to meet them, make sure you walk away or go to another driving instructor. This is because they cannot offer their services without the approval of the DVA. This means that they are operating illegally. It wouldn’t be illegal if they are not charging your anything for teaching you driving.

In the case that you find it too late to back down from your driving instructor since they could not show you an ADI or AMI license, you first need to provide evidence that relates to this incident. It can be a copy of the advertisement or their business card. You should also write down the address as well. The authorities cannot address the situation if you can’t be too detailed about your evidence. You can start off by saying that your suspicion started arising when they couldn’t present what you are looking for, or they insist that they left their license and can’t show it to you. You should also take note of the registration number of the vehicle, or any other information that you feel is worthy as evidence.

When you report a driving instructor that has made illegal instruction, the DVA will investigate into this matter. They will even send this matter to PSNI when the situation needs it.

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What are the Mistakes You Should Avoid with the Divorce Lawyer

Posted by on Oct 15, 2016

What are the Mistakes You Should Avoid with the Divorce Lawyer

When you have finally decided to file a case against your spouse with divorce, it can be quite stressful for you since you need to decide on a lot of things, especially with choosing a lawyer to work with. However, there are some matrimonial cases wherein the clients wanted things over and done with that they end up working with the wrong lawyer. It doesn’t only mean that the lawyer just graduated from law school. It could be that they are working with the wrong specialist.

If you take a look at the lawyers working at, each of them has their specialty they work on. It is crucial that you work with the right divorce lawyer since it will affect the outcome of your case and how it will progress from the beginning to the end. And for this to be a success, you need to make sure you do not commit the same mistakes that other clients did before you.

Define the needs for a divorce lawyer as early as you can. If you already know a lawyer that works with Divorce and Family Law, it is the time that you meet them so that you will be familiar with what it is like being under high-pressure or when you get served with documents. If this is not the case, your selection will only be with ones that have the time to meet with you instead of you meeting with the best ones. You should also keep in mind that if your spouse gets to a divorce lawyer first in, you won’t be entertained or will they meet with you as this will spark a conflict of interest. The same can be said in any other law firms, too.


Go for the best sources. The common thing that most people do today when finding something for the best is by search in Google. However, what you will find in this search engine is something that is designed to love the search engine – the skills of the web developer for it. However, what you are looking for are the skills of a divorce lawyer, which the search engine cannot give you. Nothing beats the power of word of mouth. The ones that will have the best leads are financial advisors, attorneys that are practicing in a different field, therapists, and CPAs. Ironic as it may be, people that have already gone through divorce cases also knows some since they worked with divorce lawyers personally.

Go to a specialist. Attorneys are like doctors, too – they specialize in a particular field. There are attorneys that are highly skillful with properties and land. There are also those that are skillful with Divorce and Family Law. The latter is what you should be looking for. The reason for this is because they can assess the situation properly as they know the judges and other attorneys that specialize in this field, too. They are also more updated with the latest trends and changes in the law.

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How to Train Your Kid to Become the Next Football Superstar

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

How to Train Your Kid to Become the Next Football Superstar

At his early age, you have seen a potential on him already. He is a monster on kicking balls! You saw it when he was playing with his cousin and friends. And that’s when you thought about developing his skill. You can do this by training him along the way when he grows up. But you also have your life at work and with other commitments that only leave you less time to work on improving his skill. You should not be worried about this as there are some effective ways you can try with less supervision to develop your son into an athlete. Here are five ways to do these.

  1. Make your weekend a training day for him. You only have less time on weekdays so the best way for you to train your son is on Saturday and Sunday. That is not a problem at all as you would also give him time to study his lessons on weekdays with no stress on playing football. Hence, you should take him to actual football arena if you happened to have longer time. On the tight schedule weekends, you can play with him in your backyard or the park near your place.
  2. Send him to summer football camps. This is one of the most effective ways to develop your son’s skills on football. Summer camps allow him to get acquainted with professional players that could impart their skills, strategies, and tricks on kicking the ball. Meanwhile, there are also some football tutorials out there where you can send your kiddo on weekends. Click here to view tutorials in freestyling
  3. Encourage him to play hard and develop his skills. Doing this will keep your son motivated to work on with his skill and develop himself to become a professional player one day. Along with this is to keep track on his whereabouts and the status of his studies to ensure that he is not only playing but also excelling in academic aspects.
  4. Never fail to praise him with his improvements. As you see his improvements growing fast forward, never fail to praise him. Tell him how awesome he is for nailing every game having the highest score on top of studying at school. This will keep your son bettering himself to become an excellent football
  5. Expose him to a lot of games and training. Taking your son to actual games of professional football players will encourage him to work on his skill. He would then see different tricks, strategies, and freestyle of athletes which he can try on his own. Training should always be a part of his development as he comes to learn more about the game. Click here to view football training

Soccer Player Kicking Ball

Bring out the best on your kid by exposing him to these ways of developing his skill in football. Training him once in a while is cool for you to do as well as sending him to summer football camps. This will expose him to a lot of activities that will hasten his skill on the playing the game. On top of this is that he will be acquainted with professional players who could impart effective strategies, tricks, and freestyle to him. Encouraging your kid and praising his achievements will keep him on the progressive track. And exposing him to football events and tutorials will strengthen his development on the field. Take an effort to do these for your kid and you will have the next football superstar in the incoming years.


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